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Personalised packaging for your product

Surprise opinion leaders, generate recall, add value or increase the impact of the customer’s experience. Whatever your objective and sector of activity, at Gráficas Salnés we design and manufacture customised packaging for your product.

Our boxes, cases, secondary packaging, industrial catalogues and displays are the result of a previous study and a creative and production process in which we take into account a multitude of variables. Explain to us what your product is like, your expectations, and we will find the most suitable, competitive and effective customised packaging solution. 

We provide you with a comprehensive service and European quality presentation.

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We help you to make your box a reality

Envase catalogo producto industrial

Packaging for industrial and special products

We specialise in packaging for industrial and special products. In recent years we have produced boxes and cases for various customers in the electronics, technology and biomechanics sectors.

We understand the complexities involved in packaging high-value products for storage, shipping and inspection. Our team are experts in providing safe and effective solutions, guaranteeing product integrity and minimising transport risks. We achieve an attractive and satisfactory customer experience at the point of sale.

Packaging producto electronico

With our customised cardboard packaging for electronic and industrial products we achieve a balance between usability, safety and regulatory compliance. We ensure the reliability of the packaging, ease of mobility and opening, all without losing the impact on the end customer and enhancing your product.

Take a look at our capabilities.

Packaging for e-commerce

Ecommerce packaging is a very powerful marketing tool, almost indispensable in your strategy.

If you have an online business or have reinforced your physical shop with e-commerce, we will advise you on how to ensure that your boxes and shipping packaging are in line with your brand and meet the expectations of your customers.

In addition, our packaging solutions for ecommerce guarantee that your product arrives in perfect condition, with maximum safety and protection, ensuring that it is easy to handle and to open, and adapted to the characteristics of your target audience and the needs of your product.

We can advise you so that the ecommerce packaging we design and produce for your business takes up as little space as possible, is easy to assemble, facilitates storage and improves the efficiency of your logistics.

Attention to detail is very important and your e-commerce packaging should generate an experience in itself, as well as being distinctive and helping to build customer loyalty.

Promotional packaging

Are you preparing a new launch? Do you want to boost your company’s branding? Strengthen the communication of your products? Make an impact in your seasonal or seasonal campaigns? Our promotional packaging and promotional gifts will be your best introduction. We will design for your brand and your product the box, case, display or packaging that is best suited to the message you want to communicate.

Promotional packaging should be a statement of intent, an asset that grabs the attention of your target audience, generates emotions and completes their experience in a satisfactory way. Your marketing and physical communication actions will gain from the creativity and imagination that we put into all of our promotional packaging.

Every detail counts. Give us a brief with the objectives and challenges of the campaign – audience, location, impact, brand values… – and we will offer you the most effective promotional packaging solution. In our innovative integrated plant we produce boxes, cases and packaging in a multitude of finishes.

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Fabricacion catalogo fisico

Are you a manufacturer and want to surprise with a physical catalogue? Ask us. We have extensive experience in packaging for the presentation of industrial products in a physical catalogue.

Is your product of high quality and you want to target a specific audience? Ask us about our packaging with lined finishes.  

Your packaging defines the quality of your product.              

Customised solutions and boxes

Solid or liquid, weight, volume, dimensions, fragility and storage conditions. All these aspects are important in order to offer the most suitable and always customised packaging solution.

We make boxes, containers, packaging, cases and cardboard and paper packaging elements to measure, in an infinite number of finishes, managing to transmit an optimal brand image that stands out from your competitors.

Packaging parafarmacia viales

Eco-design and responsible manufacturing for health and beauty products

Practicality, lightness and product protection are key elements in the design and development of health and beauty product packaging. As expert manufacturers of boxes, cases and packaging for this sector, we are concerned with knowing the particularities of each article, the uses to which it is destined and which will influence its secondary packaging and the ever-increasing demands of consumers.

Expositor packaging farmacias

Innovation is a priority in the health and beauty sector and this must be reflected in the image of your products. Eco-design is a commitment acquired by our technical team, always at the forefront in terms of proposals and printing techniques.

An aspect that we accompany with a 100% efficient manufacturing process with the continuous incorporation of the most appropriate technology that allows us to reduce our consumption, thus contributing to greater protection of the environment and the planet.

Our process and materials are certified sustainable for optimal and respectful health and beauty product packaging.

We use recycled and recyclable cardboard and comply with FSC and PEFC certifications.

Displays: packaging to display and packaging ready to shell

Do you want customers to turn towards your product as they walk through your shop? We design and manufacture customised ready-to-display packaging (SRP), retail ready packaging (RRP) and counter display units (CDU) with high quality and innovative design. We combine the visibility of your product on shelf and counter, the requirements of your retailer, the most suitable sustainable and recyclable materials and the customer shopping experience. 

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