Design and manufacture
of packaging, boxes and cases

Tell us your idea and we’ll turn it into a box

We create customised solutions that enhance and attract the end consumer to quality products. Our team of professionals has decades of experience in consultancy and packaging development for food, beverages, perfumery, cosmetics and fashion, among other sectors.

Consultancy and manufacture of customised packaging

Every day we focus on the care and improvement of the boxes, cases and packaging of your products, their letter of introduction to your own customers. We want them to stand out from the competition, to be protected, to be innovative and identifiable at a glance.

Our method is not innovative. Our proposals are. We have an in-depth knowledge of the world of packaging, the anatomy of each box and case. We have the technology, the materials and the experience to tackle from start to finish any project that comes into our hands.

Whatever the finish you are looking for – lining, folding, die-cutting, special inks, embossing, stamping, varnishing, laminating… -, we can handle it all at our integrated factory. This guarantees 100% quality control and traceability of the packaging we produce for you.

We offer you an integral service in which we cover the whole process, from the initial idea to the manufacture, assembly and delivery of the box or case for your product.

Manipulado forrado packaging
Our industrial capabilities have been turning any design into reality since 1983.

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Our process

Challenge us. We listen to you.

Envase personalizado producto

Which box have you imagined?

Tell us about the product you want to ‘dress up’ and what your expectations are regarding the packaging, box or case you have in mind. Do you want it to be functional? To convey luxury? To provide special protection?

In this phase it is important that you define your technical specifications in terms of measurements, weight and primary packaging; it is essential to know the target market, how and in what type of establishment it will be marketed; if you have packaging machinery and what its specifications are; if the case or box will be transported and in what way; tell us your brand image, if you have one, so we can enhance it or help you create it.

Even if you only have a rough idea of what you want, we can help you visualise and conceptualise the box, case or packaging that best suits your needs.

We propose customised alternatives

With the document or briefing in hand, our design team incorporates their know-how on consumer buying trends in your sector and the target market, and we choose the materials that best meet the requirements of the product and the audience.

Interested in our sustainability policy and 100% recycled materials? Take a look at our commitments.

Once we have all the information, we then bring the future box or case to life in 2D and 3D sketches. We will propose the most innovative packaging alternatives, both in the design of its structure and its composition, while ensuring it remains in line with the product’s requirements.

Any detail is relevant for us.

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The prototype box or container

Once the design and other technical aspects of the box or case have been agreed, such as the type of cardboard, paper and finishes, it is time to bring it to life. We can produce a preliminary packaging to check that the materials are suitable, that the colours match, that the printing and die-cutting technique chosen is the most suitable and that the assembly complies with the customer’s requirements.

You will be able to see in situ the packaging with your product inside. We will outline what is necessary to achieve the perfect result.

Manufacturing the packaging

Quality packaging is our goal. Our production team comes into action. The first step is to create a lithographic plate, if offset printing is necessary, and send the digital file to the production floor.

We draw up a work schedule. The entire production process is carried out at our packaging manufacturing plant in Spain, in the town of Cambados (Pontevedra).

From printing to die-cutting to gluing or folding. Every process is monitored at all times by our experts to ensure the highest quality and process optimisation.

Packaging cofre muestrario productos
Packaging baul regalo

Handing: from cardboard to case

We do it for you or show you how to do it. The dies are prepared, glued and folded, and now all that is needed is to assemble them to become the box, case or detail that accompanies your packaging.

Do you have your own handling and assembly equipment or packaging machinery? Our product has been designed so that you can use it without any problems. And, if it is manual, we explain the procedure so that you can pack it and make it stand out as it should.

We advise, assess and accompany you to the final stage with tailor-made packaging solutions that will have an impact on the optimisation of your processes, your profitability and your sales.

Because at Gráficas Salnés we know how to create the best outfit for quality products.