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Packaging for perfumes

Packaging makes the difference in the world of perfumery. Bottle and box identify the fragrance itself.

At Gráficas Salnés we know that the box or case is the second dress of a perfume, the one that enhances it above the others, enriching its image and highlighting its originality. It must perfectly complement the qualities and the message that the brand and its creative nose wish to transmit.

A few years ago we immersed ourselves in the world of perfumery to create boxes, cases and packaging for fragrances that wish to stand out from the rest. During this time we have specialised in interior and exterior design, adapting to the characteristics and qualities of each bottle and fragrance.

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We help you to make your box a reality

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Design and manufacture of boxes and lined cases

Our fully integrated plant can undertake the design and manufacture of bespoke packaging solutions for perfumery with speed, quality and style.

Personalisation is one of the most demanded features. At Gráficas Salnés we can offer a multitude of finishes, prints and linings. We have experience in special linings for premium and high quality perfumes.

Our work is distinguished by a design and manufacture that guarantees a high level of protection for the primary packaging and internal protection that is transport-proof.

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Fragrances that deserve special boxes

We know how to present a perfume and make the product as appealing to consumers as it is to its creators. Packaging is a powerful visual element, capturing the attention and reinforcing the message of the fragrance itself.

We design exquisitely. We manufacture with skill. Discovery packs, gift sets, presentation boxes, premium cases… whatever special edition you desire, we make it a reality with the most dynamic, resistant box that enhances the value of your fragrance.

We have the highest level of personalisation in finishes thanks to our screen printing, stamping, die-cutting, lining, embossing, varnishing, offset and digital printing techniques.

We provide you with the most imaginative solution, but also the most cost-effective one.

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