A sustainable packaging factory

At Gráficas Salnés we design and manufacture packaging for quality products with one purpose: to contribute to the socio-economic growth of our community. We transfer this commitment by creating quality jobs, applying sustainability criteria to our management and supporting the Sustainable Development Goals through various actions.

The aim of Gráficas Salnés is to provide the most environmentally friendly packaging, boxes and cases. Because packaging is more than just a box. It conveys the added value of the product it contains and conveys our concern for the future of the planet to end consumers, who are increasingly aware and responsible.

Sustainable packaging is one of the cornerstones of our business operation. Year after year we incorporate new systems and procedures to reduce the environmental impact of our process: we optimise energy consumption, we are committed to sustainable sources, we improve our operations and we innovate in materials and supplies.

Fabricacion packaging sostenible

We can make your customised box or case

Recycled and recyclable raw materials

Our projects use cardboard and paper as raw materials, two versatile, recyclable and recycled materials.

Our commitment is to incorporate certified raw materials, the result of recycling, respecting the strictest environmental, social and ethical standards. More than 50% of the paper and cardboard we use for manufacturing throughout the year is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) chain of custody and the PEFC forestry certification system.

Sellos sostenibilidad fabricacion packaging

Paper and cardboard have the capacity to become unique and eye-catching containers, with a high capacity for personalisation and with unequalled characteristics to be transformed into any type of packaging, box, case or packaging that houses the heaviest, most beautiful products or those with special requirements.

Efficient, respectful processes

At Gráficas Salnés it is clear to us that sustainable packaging begins with the design itself and extends to each of the production stages until delivery.

Our company reinvests year after year in the improvement of the processes and machinery used, incorporating the most advanced printing technologies. This ensures greater efficiency and effectiveness in the processes, reducing consumption to a minimum.

Every year our ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications endorse Gráficas Salnés not only as a company with a high quality system in its activity, but also as a socially responsible company. Each of our actions is aimed at managing resources in the most appropriate way, optimising consumption, aerothermal air conditioning and opting for the most sustainable components and contracting the energy we consume from green energy suppliers.

material reciclado

200 tonnes of cardboard and paper to be recycled

componentes ecológicos

100% environmentally friendly components

ahorro energético

37% reduction in annual energy consumption

Beyond sustainable packaging

Corporate responsibility, environmental responsibility and good governance are part of our DNA. We are convinced that any activity carried out or involving Gráficas Salnés must be governed by transparency in management, the values of our organisation and respect for the social, economic and cultural development of our environment.

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