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Food packaging

We design and manufacture food packaging that guarantees compliance with the highest standards of quality, food safety and information about the product it contains. We not only think about the effective protection of the food, but we also contribute to keep it in the best conditions of conservation, transport and presentation.

The trust that powerful local agri-food companies have placed in us over the years has made us an expert packaging factory in the design and manufacture of secondary packaging for the food sector.

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We help you to make your box a reality

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Design and adaptation of packaging to packaging machines

The world of food is characterised by its impeccable control over the traceability of its products. As suppliers to one of the most demanding sectors, at Gráficas Salnés we contribute to this supervision process with an integrated plant in which we carry out the 360º development of boxes, cases and made-to-measure cardboard and paper packaging with internal structures that ensure maximum protection, support and ergonomics.

We design and produce with the most suitable materials according to the needs of the product, standing out on the shelves for its originality, quality in materials and manufacture. Our facilities stand out for their industrial capacity, speed and multiple 100% customisable finishes.

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Our work for the canning and fish sector shows our experience in adapting the cases and boxes we produce to the packing and packaging machinery our clients have.

The design and pre-printing team at Gráficas Salnés offers the optimum alternatives in terms of thickness, type of cardboard and paper, maximum quality in printing and optimisation of the manufacturing and packaging process itself, achieving an improvement in response times.

Specialising in folded cardboard boxes and cases

We work with you to propose the most suitable material and format for your product.

Do you want the packaging to be easy to transport for the end customer? Is your product aimed at a public that likes exquisite presentations? Are you looking for functionality, beauty and originality to stand out at the point of sale?

Our team, experts in food packaging, will advise you and design the optimum packaging solution for your requirements and the particularities of your food product.

We manufacture customised and made-to-measure secondary packaging, cases and boxes in different formats and finishes for presentation, gifts, to create an impact or for transportation. We specialise in the manufacture and supply of high quality folded boxes and cases for your food products.

There is a packaging for every food product, every type of public, and every shelf. We manufacture trays, presentation boxes, vertical boxes, book boxes, boxes with handles, drawer boxes, cardboard envelopes, boxes with windows… Any design is possible.

Our technological capacity allows for an infinite number of finishes and plastic-coated, varnished, chromed, printed or embossed linings.

All of this taking into account our commitment to the sustainability of the materials we use, such as cardboard and paper in different thicknesses that maintain their shape and beauty, adapting to the weight of the product they contain.

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