Quality Policy

GRÁFICAS SALNÉS, S.L. is a company created in the early 1980s, incorporated as a trading company in 1987. It currently has a 5,400 m² production plant, equipped with the most advanced technology for the development of graphic activity and the design and manufacture of packaging, and a 1,200 m² warehouse.

Its facilities, with an annual manufacturing capacity of over 30 million boxes, cases and containers, are located in the Sete Pías industrial estate in Cambados, fifteen minutes from the AP-9 motorway. We offer individualised and customised solutions for our customers.

Our plant incorporates the most innovative pre-press, printing, folding, lining, die-cutting and gluing technologies on the same platform. These integrated industrial capabilities allow us to cover any type of packaging, box, case, carton, carton and paper package with the latest techniques that provide us with infinite combinations.

We are a leading company in the packaging and graphic arts sector in northwest Spain and our main objective is to achieve the full satisfaction of our customers, to improve day by day and to be a reference company, with a clear ambition to differentiate ourselves from the rest of the competition. As a commitment to the above statement, we have decided to implement a QMS according to the UNE-EN ISO 9001, UNE-EN ISO 14001, PEFC and FSC standards.

The Quality and Environmental Policy of GRÁFICAS SALNÉS, S.L. is based on the following commitments:

  1. To comply with all requirements, whether legal, contractual or otherwise, that are applicable to us due to our activity, both in the performance of our processes and in the environmental field, so that our actions in no case may contravene the legal requirements and specifications established by the different public authorities.
  2. To carry out our work within a management environment that ensures continuous improvement in our processes and environmental performance, in our methods of operation and in our relationships with stakeholders, by establishing and regularly reviewing our quality and environmental objectives.
  3. To protect the environment and our surroundings through actions and measures aimed at preventing any type of pollution due to our activity.
  4. To promote an understanding and dissemination of our quality and environmental policy within our organisation through training and continuous communication with our employees and all companies working for or on behalf of GRÁFICAS SALNÉS, S.L.
  5.  A commitment to effectively control all our processes, with particular emphasis on:
    • The quality of our products
    • The efficiency and effectiveness of our services
    • Relations with our customers
    • Control of waste (or environmental impacts), especially those that are owned by our customers
  6. A commitment to the chain of custody of our raw materials is reflected in our declaration that we are not directly or indirectly involved in:
    • Illegal logging activities or illegal trade in timber or forest products
    • Activities that violate human or traditional rights in forestry operations
    • Destruction of high conservation values in forestry operations
    • Significant conversion of forests to plantations or non-forest uses
    • Introduction of genetically modified organisms into forestry operations
    • Violation of any of the ILO core conventions, as defined in the Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, 1998.
  7. A commitment to make our quality, environmental and chain of custody policy available to the general public for their knowledge, as well as to disseminate it among the organisation’s employees and to those who work for us.
  8. A commitment of the organisation to the social, health and safety requirements of workers by facilitating workers’ freedom of association; election of their representatives and collective bargaining with the company; by not carrying out forced labour or using underage workers; by promoting equal opportunities and treatment of all our workers, regardless of race, sex, etc.; and by adapting working conditions so as not to endanger the safety or health of our workers.
  9. Framework for setting quality and environmental objectives and targets.