A leading reference in the manufacture
of packaging in Galicia

In Cambados since 1983   

Ours is a history that reflects total dedication to the world of graphic arts and, as a natural evolution, to the packaging sector. A journey that began in 1983 in the heart of the region of O Salnés, in Galicia, one of the most inspiring regions of Spain and recognised throughout the world for the quality of its products and services.

That traditional printing workshop, in which we only had basic equipment for the production of letters, cards, envelopes and invoices, has become a leading industry in the northwest of Spain. We are a benchmark for our technological capacity, problem-solving ability and specialisation in the design, manufacture and customised solutions in the packaging, boxes and cartons sector.

Throughout these years we have grown in experience, knowledge, value generation and human resources.

Gráficas Salnés is now part of Figrupo, a 100% Galician family company committed to the social, economic and talent development of our community. Our company is a multidisciplinary and highly qualified organisation to make the most of the industrial capacities of our new plant. A factory that integrates all the necessary processes to develop any type of packaging, cardboard or paper box or case.

Graficas salnes nave 1998
Graficas salnes fachada frontal
planta integrada

Integrated production line

packaging anual

More than 30 million packs / year

proyectos anuales

More than 1,800 projects / year

número de profesionales

50 graphic arts professionals


More than 500 satisfied customers

Recognised packaging

Our beginnings date back to the early 1980s, when we opened our first workshop, a traditional print shop. In just a few years and convinced of our contribution to the generation of value in our region, we incorporated new rotary presses, becoming a leading company in the field of adhesive labels. Millions of labels came out of our new facilities.

Premio liderpack

One of the concerns of Gráficas Salnés over the years has been the study and incorporation of the most avant-garde technologies. At the beginning of the 21st century we incorporated digital printing as a new service for our customers. We also created Salnés Pack, our first foray into the world of packaging, boxes and cases.

Our showroom was created, to display the full capacities of our team and our production facilities. In just a few years, we won our first Liderpack Award, the first national award.

Shortly after, we received our second Liderpack Award and invested in technology that made us one of the most innovative and versatile packaging, box and carton factories in northwest Spain.

We have a customised solution that’s just right for you